Purchasing advice

What goes through your mind when you’re purchasing a timepiece? Do you ever find yourself doubting its quality or authenticity? Are you always entirely sure of its market value? Or do you question its ability to retain that value over time? You most certainly don’t want to make an investment unless you are entirely certain what it offers you. The professional experience and opinion of an expert is essential in order to make a wise decision and prevent any risk.

Investment advice

Purchasing a rare timepiece can be a profitable investment. The value of rare timepieces has risen continuously and is not a subject to any market crisis showing investors that timepieces can generate solid returns. Number of rare timepieces is limited and number of international collectors continues to rise. Global annual inflation rate in 2020 is 3.56% what means that if you have a 100.000 EUR on your bank account you will loose 3.560 EUR buying power per year. To keep the value of the money we invest in rare timepieces. We believe that timepieces are a beter investment as they are much easier to store, transport and sell. 

Collection curation

Creating a well-balanced collection is not only a good investment but a source of tremendous pleasure and pride. This is especially true of any collection that features rare, unique or important timepieces. Just as the curator of a gallery carefully selects artwork, we work with you to perfect your collection.


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