The ultimate expression of true love, Our Engagement Rings feature rare diamonds, selected by our in-house certified diamond grader and from only the top color (D,E,F,G) and clarity grades (Flawless-VS2), expertly set, to create a superlative jewel that shines with maximum brilliance. Our unique engagement rings are available in a variety of styles. 

When you buy a diamond ring from us, you get a diamond at the Antwerp wholesale price and the most beautiful and tasteful ring including diamond setting for free! Creating an engagement ring is our passion. Trust us, we know what we are doing. 

Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world since 1447. We buy and sell diamonds with a margin of 5%. This is why our prices are the best in the world.  

We buy and sell only natural diamonds. We are sure that only this diamonds are rare and have a value. Natural diamonds are 3.2 billon years old. Older than life. Some of them are even older than stars in the sky. They connect us to formation of the world. Natural diamonds will only cost more with the time because they are rare and more difficult to mine with the time. Only 1% of all diamonds in the world are white. To find a diamond that is white and have no inclusions is even more difficult. This is why natural white diamonds of high quality are very rare and this are the diamonds that we buy and sell. All our diamonds are certified by GIA or HRD, which are the two most respected labs in the world.

We can create any engagement ring in silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. 

We have created many engagement rings and all our customers are always very happy. Many people think that how more diamonds there are on the ring how beter. But less is more when it comes to engagement rings. An engagement ring must be simple and perfect as love that needs no explanations. We will give you a personal help and advice when it comes to choosing the right diamond and ring for your budget. We know what we are doing and guarantee that you will be happy.  

Most of the diamond rings we sell are investment quality. What means that their value will only go up in long term and you can pass them to the next generation.

Make your marriage proposal even more unforgettable with the most beautiful engagement ring. Get personal advice from an expert! Our diamonds are hand selected by our in-house certified diamond grader.


This is simply because they are not real and can not be compared to natural diamonds. It is like comparing a real money to fake money or human to a toy. Lab grown "diamonds" are also very overpriced in todays market. Their market price only goes down as more and more of this synthetic "diamonds" come to the market every second.