Professionalism and pure passion

Located in the heart of Antwerp opposite the beautiful building of the Flemish Opera. We are specialists with years of experience in the trade and expertise of modern and vintage collectible top luxury watches. A mix of passion, experience and professionalism.

Known and respected in the area for our ethics and professional integrity, we want to be a reference for collectors looking for a reliable partner with recognized expertise for the purchase of collectible top luxury watches.

With us you don't just buy a watch, but also our experience, our technical expertise and the certainty that what you buy is genuine, original and of legal origin.

About the owner

Watch Expert was founded in 2012 by Khatchatour Mkrtoumian.

Khatchatour was born in Yerevan, Armenia. His mother and father are Ballet artists. This gave him passion for art.

The interest in finance was passed on from his grandfather, who was an economist. His grandfather tried to pass on as much knowledge as possible to his grandson – and taught him bookkeeping from the age of ten.

In 1999, when he was 12 years old, his family decided to move to Antwerp, a city known as the diamond capital of the world.

Since 2005, Khatchatour became fascinated by watches. After seven years of collecting and studying watches, he decided to buy and sell watches professionally. Equipped with basic knowledge and the HRD Diamond Grader certificate, he ventured into the world of watch purchasing and selling.

In 2022 Khatchatour became a watch expert of the Belgian Chamber of Experts KGSO-CEJA. His clients enjoy working with him because of his knowledge, experience and honesty. When he sells a watch, he takes the time to explain the history and background of each timepiece.

When it comes to selling your timepiece to him, his focus is on making it quick, seamless and easy for you. Selling a watch in his office takes 5 minutes. You will be paid instantly and receive proof of payment immediately.

Khatchatour visits the Munich watch fair 5 times a year and actively follows international watch auctions. He stays up to date with information and releases from both top watch brands and independent watchmakers.

Code of Honor

Khatchatour does everything he can to be the ideal watch dealer he would choose if he wanted to buy or sell a watch.

His impeccable reputation is his greatest asset; he ensures that the timepieces he buys and sells are original and have a legal origin.


“Watch Expert is the leading online platform for 100% safe buying and selling the world's most beautiful and rarest watches. We combine passion with experience and professionalism.”

Khatchatour Mkrtoumian