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  Fine and rare timepieces

What goes through your mind when you’re purchasing a vintage or modern luxury timepiece? Do you ever find yourself doubting its quality or authenticity? Are you always entirely sure of its market value? Or do you question its ability to retain that value over time? You most certainly don’t want to make an investment in a vintage or modern luxury timepiece unless you are entirely certain of its authenticity and what it offers you. And there is no reason why you should have to.

At Watch Expert we have the experience, expertise, market insight and world class reputation to allow you to make these investment with complete peace of mind. 

We have attained extensive knowledge through handling, examining and studying rare and valuable timepieces. Driven by an insatiable passion and together with more than 40 years of direct involvement in the purchase and sale of horological masterpieces, we are perfectly placed to evaluate and assess the authenticity of your timepiece, or to give insight and advice you will not find elsewhere.

Our love of vintage timepieces extends across the range of chronometers and chronographs to pocket watches and is matched with up-to-date research into modern wristwatches and an encyclopedic knowledge of tourbillons, minute repeaters and grand complications.

We are always looking to purchase first owner vintage and modern luxury watches for our inventory. Our expertise ensures you receive a correct market price for your watch. This doesn’t just rely on our extensive knowledge of the finest timepieces. It’s also based on insight into market value, rarity and of course availability. 

At Watch Expert, we combine passion for timepieces with professionalism and attention to detail. When you rely on us for the sale or purchase of vintage and modern luxury timepieces, you're assured of complete commitement and excellent results. 


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Watch Expert

           Fine and rare timepieces



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