Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendar Moonphase


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Vacheron Constantin Triple Calendar Moonphase

The history of this model

Whenever you hear the name Vacheron Constantin, you can expect a watch that is reliable, beautiful, unique, and like nothing you have ever seen before - this is especially true for the Triple Calendar Moonphase.

The Triple Calendar Moonphase was first introduced in the 1940s when complex complications were not as famous yet. At that time, Vacheron was making only a very limited number of timepieces, only around 300 a year, so this watch was instantaneously perceived as the highest form of luxury.

The display of date, day of the week, and month with the addition of a moon phase was something unusual, but many people soon realized the practicality of such functions.

The breathtaking case with the iconic Cornes de Vache - or cow horns - was a bespoke courtesy of Eggly & Cie, the finest case maker of that era.

Thanks to the success of this model, Vacheron continued to produce and innovate the Triple calendar, with a short break during the Quartz Crisis.

Today, as a homage to this irreplaceable piece of horological history, Vacheron Constantin presents the Historiques 3110V/000A-B426.

Why was this watch popular?

In the 1940s, watches were still mainly perceived as tools rather than accessories, so every practical addition or complication often determined whether the timepiece would be a success or a flop.

The triple calendar feature took all the basic data a gentleman could need at that time and put it on his wrist in a compact, convenient, and beautiful package.

For obvious reasons, the timepiece became a hit, but since Vacheron assembled everything by hand, the watch was also extremely limited (around 300 watches left the Vacheron Constantine manufacture each year), making it not only a breathtaking wrist companion but also a rare one.

Gentlemen all around Europe enjoyed the prestige and convenience this timepiece offered. With a yellow gold case, elegant size, and a leather strap, it was equally suitable for office days as much as for upscale evenings.

The looks

At first glance, it’s obvious that this is as much a piece of art as it is a watch.

On the face of the timepiece, we can see the iconic triple calendar complication, which includes date indicators on the outer ring of the dial and two distinct windows, one for the day of the week, and the other for the month.

In addition to this already impressive set of features, Vacheron includes a moon phase and small-seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock.

The 18k yellow gold case is very recognizable thanks to the set of horn-like lugs, which make this watch appear larger than it actually is.

The watch includes a brand-new crocodile leather strap, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit on your wrist.

One of the standout features of this exemplar is the condition in which the dial, the case, and especially the moon phase, are.

This timepiece looks almost new, which is very respectable for a watch this old.

Fully serviced by Vacheron.

The investment value of this timepiece

As part of the “holy trinity” of watchmakers, it is almost hard to lose money on a Vacheron Constantin watch, with vintage and historically important models being the best example.

The triple calendar moonphase is a very limited precious metal cornerstone of Vacheron’s history, which ensures undying desire from collectors all over the planet.

This specific timepiece is in an outstanding condition, which is almost impossible to find today.

You can find the triple calendar with a price tag exceeding 50,000 Euros.

How it feels on the wrist & Why I love this watch

Vacheron Constantine has always been a big love of mine. I love their approach to business - they actually listen to their customers and make watches that people are interested in. Their complications and creations are simply incredible, often being on par (or even slightly better) than Patek Philippe.

What they do today is amazing, but all of that is only thanks to their past, which for me is even more impressive. I appreciate their creations and history - they are the longest continuously operating watchmaker after all.

In the triple calendar, I see all the achievements and successes of the over 250 years of existence they can pride themselves on. The watch is the definition of what Vacheron Constantine stands for.

Apart from that, I am actually impressed by the way this watch wears. A 33mm case is considered smaller even for ladies, but when you put it on your wrist, it is surprisingly suitable. I mean, it is not big, but thanks to the “cow horn” the timepiece appears way larger than it actually is.

It perfectly slips under long sleeves and is heavy enough so you can feel its presence. Even though we all have phones today, the triple calendar feature is quite convenient, making it a practical accessory even today.